Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Scott Walker Will Not Be The Nominee in 2016

The latest issue of Time lays out the field for the 2015/2016 GOP primary scene and it, to say the least, should be very encouraging to Hillary Clinton. I thought I'd make a series of posts on why there is absolutely no chance ANY of the potential GOP contenders will be nominated president. If there didn't absolutely have to be a winner, I might suspect the GOP wouldn't have a nominee period.

I might as well start with the current "front runner." (Keep in mind that being the front runner is no indication of winning in the GOP primaries; Michele Bachmann was a front runner at one time.) Walker is loathed universally on the left, by Wisconsin universities, by unions,  and even "literally" by The Dropkick Murphys. He is also a male pattern baldness denier.

When he was running for re-election (a third time in four years - funny how that works), he told a Wisconsin cartoonist that his bald spot came from banging his head on a cabinet:

Walker went on to say he was fixing something in the kitchen — he doesn't say when — and hit his head on the cabinet. His wife, Tonette, repeatedly urged him to see a doctor, and when he finally did he was told his head would not be growing hair anymore in that area. He said Tonette cited this as proof that it's best to listen to your wife.
Aside from the fact that, if you know absolutely anything about balding, Walker's story is completely untrue, this was just frankly weird. This managed to garner Walker some of his worst press in the 2014 election. It's one thing to have such ripe, and easy to point to situations of Walker's absurd line of thinking, but Walker also has plenty of enemies who probably wouldn't mind letting the public know about.

Walker has cultivated a large and spirited following of detractors who will most likely not let us forget the highly contentious and publicized 2011 protests in the Wisconsin capital or the subsequent recall.

Walker has recently been seen boasting about winning the governorship three times in the last four years. While that might be true, let's not forget that the second time was due to a recall election of the governor. Walker tried to strip unions of their collective bargaining rights. Needless to say, Walker made plenty of enemies in the process.

He's got a target on his back the size of a football field.

Perhaps most ominous of all are the looming investigations and potential indictments. Regardless of whether or not there is actually ever an indictment, Walker's got some obvious skeletons in the closet. The investigation into whether his campaign for election in 2010 illegally coordinated with conservative groups was recently dealt a harsh judgment. However, even with that judgment, which prohibits the prosectors from investigating into some of Walker's campaign offenses related to advertising, Walker still has a ton of rumblings about illicit behavior.

Mitt Romney was plagued by his questionable ethics in 2012. He frequently flip-flopped, often appearing to change his positions (Before it was Obamacare, it was Romneycare) on the map. It's very arguable that ethics investigations would be much more haunting than a change in positions on things like abortion, stem-cell research, Ronald Reagen, etc. etc. etc. At least those flip flops appeared to fall easily in line with his party's base. As a matter of fact, Romney's questionable ethics when it came to his run at Bain Capital played quite well into the image that Romney was out of touch with Americans (he was attacked by former employees of company's purchased by Bain, who found themselves unemployed and without health insurance). Walker in this sense, has managed to anger a very similar sect, namely the middle class, of Wisconsin's population, making it easy to show a disconnect with Walker and the middle class.

Walker is visually nowhere near as appealing as someone like Barack Obama, and nowhere nearly as respected as someone like Hilary Clinton. As it stands, before the intense scrutiney that comes along with being a front runner, Clinton is crushing walker in every poll.

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