Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why Hillary Clinton Needs To Get Out Publicly On This Issue

We have barely heard a single peep from the presumed nominee of the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee, the one, the only (with emphasis), Hillary Clinton. There is only one of you Hillary, and no amount of punditry is going to give us a better sense of you at this point.

I'm afraid your free publicity on TV has hit the point of diminishing returns. We are now being confronted with a STRONG case (especially to a tech savvy political youth) that Hillary isn't making the best efforts she can in every detail of her life. The problem is, with the highly cynical republican marketing machine, FOX, (not to mention the internet analogs like Breitbart and Glenn Beck... there is a place called the Breitbart mansion... chills.)

Hillary's pros do seem to outweigh the GROWING cons, however, one doesn't need as many eggs in the con basket, just one seed to plant in the mind of the public the image of a woman who is just not up to snuff in this current moment to be president.

Keep in context, though, that there is NO ONE on the GOP side that doesn't absolutely beat her in terms of TECH ISSUES. Jeb Bush is IMHO the "Mitt Romney of 2016", that is to say, Jeb Bush will absolutely be the nominee once political tools and characters like Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and Rand Paul are sifted out with their various scandals (and possible indictments).

For example, we can say with almost certainty that Hillary Clinton will not be indicted before 2016. We, however, cannot say the same for Christie or Walker (at the very least, Christie faces his top aides most certainly being indicted). Rick Perry is BEING indicted.

I'm not saying that Hillary won't swiftly move past all of these set backs. However, what I am saying is that I am increasingly annoyed with Hillary's holier than thou absence especially amidst the increased scrutiny. My solution:


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