Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Reasons Why People Hate Millenials

1) We write like we're gurus, experts, or know-it-all's - Truth be told, every blog out there, from the high-ranking to the low ranking - has a stench of "I know better than you" reeking from here to high heaven. I don't think millenials are alone in this. Linked In seemingly pays assbitches like Ariana Huffington to expound on her experiences... which will probably not be anything like yours... unless you marry a rich closet case and rip off writers...

Check out Penelope Trunk... Who's probably closer to Gen X/ Baby Boomer status. Her whole site is devoted to how awesome she is and how she knows best.

2) We call ourselves Gurus

Having a blog doesn't make you a guru. It makes you somebody with a blog.

3) We say inapporpriate things on Twitter and Facebook

When's the last time you tweeted something about your dinner? How about a curse word? How about your opinion of your parents? Or your boss?

They all hate you, by the way.

4) We don't finish what we start.

But who does?

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