Wednesday, January 30, 2013

John Kerry is A Part of The Skull and Bones Senior Society

The new Secretary of State, and former Democratic Presidential Candidate, John Kerry, is/was a member of the much gossiped about Order of The Skull and Bones.

The business name for The Skull and Bones Society, as it is now named, is the Russell Trust Association. Named after this guy!

These people are also members:

George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
Paul Giamatti (That actually makes so much sense).

The campus for this society is a retreat in New Haven, Connecticut.

CBS News referred to them as a "power elite" in a 2009 article.

Over the years, Bones has included presidents, cabinet officers, spies, Supreme Court justices, captains of industry, and often their sons and lately their daughters, a social and political network like no other.

My guess is we all have to work as hard as we can to out fish the dudes who already have a lot. I suppose it would be arrogant for anyone to try and truly know what's in a man's heart when he says his heart is in it.

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