Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Learn How To Fish

When we apply welfare laws and immigration problems, I believe we have to start considering the assets we have. A healthy, productive citizen is a good thing for this country. it's money in the bank. We have far too many capable and thoughtful young people, with unrivaled talents being wasted on a poor job market.

Who cares if there's a POOR JOB MARKET? You don't need a job market to do work!

 Handing out checks does not solve a problem. It can alleviate one, but it does not heal any condition itself. It's just paper.

One must learn, through self-care and self-love (not trying to sound like a hippie), personal accountability, which, any way you put it, is a part of being a productive citizen. We have to help each other.

We really have to start helping each other. Work with the people around you on the internet. Stop being so shy.

Start a blog, post a gig on Do something right now, while you wait. Making money or not, don't underestimate the power of knowledge in desperate times.

Learn how to fish.

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