Saturday, February 2, 2013

Are Deportations Moral? Expect Nothing. Get Nothing.

Do you have a stance on immigration?

When you consider immigration, and immigrants, do you consider the people that we're deporting? Does the state consider the people? I knew a girl in college, we were casual friends, who faced deportation after graduation.

This was a girl who wrote for the daily newspaper, one of the most prominent college newspapers in the country, The Daily Iowan. She was an honor student, a feat saved for those who have learned how to work hard and buckle down. And yet, me, a class-skipping, pot-smoking social deviant, couldn't fathom of having to deal with all of that.

Watching Melissa Harris Perry this morning, there's a latino guy who graduated from Law School, heading up an organization, can't practice law because of his immigrant status. 

These are examples of people contributing to society. I'm not suggesting that we don't deport people, we give them ample opportunity to succeed.

Ample opportunity for everyone is the way towards ample opportunity for everyone. 

What creates value? People create value. It would be unwise to consider all of the things you aren't getting from the immigrants next door. You keep talking about nothing... you're gonna get nothing.

Instead, ask how can we help each other. Man power is POWER. It's hard to... no impossible to be a contributing member of society without interacting with people. There is no intrinsic value on being documented or not. We're all looking for the same things.

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