Friday, February 8, 2013

Guns and The Second Amendment

Let me not ingratiate myself with anyone with any particular language: I don't support the second amendment. I am not a constitutionalist.  I am not interested in the safety of your or anyone else's right to own an AR-15. I am not concerned with these non-solutions.

We're murdering children in this country and it's happening daily. Every day you hear about another school shooting. Every day you hear about another senseless gun death. It's become a matter of pragmatism. We can't stand the morale destroying effects of this cancer on our society.

"We need a holistic approach," said Illinois Representative Luis Gutierrez on The Rachel Maddow show on Friday night.

The representative described incidences where drug peddlers killed a woman recently to "protect their turf."

Still, much most policy makers that comes on TV these days, they have tons of ideas, and no solutions. Perhaps I'm selling Gutierrez short. He did call out the staggering statistics related to handguns in gun fatalities. The majority, a staggering 351 (or 361, he was confused on the specific number) of around 500 gun deaths in 2011.


Gutierrez did say we need a holistic approach. What would that look like?

A holistic approach would probably involve the health and well being of the populations involved in the majority of gun violence cases. I would say, it would not be unreasonable to argue that all of the gun deaths in civilian life are the result of serious mental illness.

We need to keep an eye out on each other. We need to feed the hungry. Help the poor. We need to make sure people have the proper tools to take care of themselves and lead happy productive lives. This is an absolute no brainer. How frequently do happy people kill people?

We have heard so many people talk about mental illness lately. In my opinion, it's been heavily vitriolic and damaging to the cause. People with self-acknolwedged mental illness might feel the need to "blend in" for fear of being feared. Kids with autism have become our primary suspects.

Turning a blind eye on the content, the very substance that gives us the abstraction of "taking on mental illness" is a great way to disconnect from the problem at hand.

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