Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sensible Politics: Politicians Have No Choice But To Rethink Politics

Politics is dead. After all, it didn't really have much of a chance. The overwhelming transparency of the current youth generation (who's coming up on thirty in a minute) and the overwhelming understanding that comes along with transparency is revealing that the fabricated teachings coming out of right wing nutjobs, and even left wing know-nothings no longer holds any water.

You must know what you're talking about, perhaps for the first time ever.

George W. Bush had the luxury of being able to skirt by on his name and, supposedly and purportedly, his ability to "have a beer wit ya!" Thanks Karl Rove.

Perhaps we should really thank Karl Rove a whole lot more. The political minded, among which you are a member now that you're reading an obscure political blog shared with the Google plus sensible politics community (awesome job, Google!), the political minded must come together now and reach out to the other side who is also fed up with Karl Rove bullshit.

We can't immediately gauge their disgust with Karl Rove. Instead, we ought to realize that a large sect of the population was fed inconsistent and convenient truths about the nature of the world, in order to line the pockets of a Mr. Peanut.

It's time to reach out and say, "We will not be unreasonable." The lack of humility, and the lack of reason being used by politicians, the amount of moral righteousness, of immoral, amoral tactics, it's those ineptitudes that make it hard for us to address the problems of climate change, of actual policies to move forward on gun violence.

SPOILER ALERT: They will require nuance.!! :-)

See... that's a nose. The hyphen.

It's not time tomorrow to take this approach. It's time right now. We needn't consider a perceived intellectual disparity any more. There is nothing you can't do. There are only so many things that we can do.

Don't be a Democrat or a Republican. Be human first. Consider the squabbling an illness. Let's heal.

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