Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eric Cantor Was Really Cool on Meet The Press

I'm not to familiar with Eric Cantor  for whatever reason, however, the last few interviews, and most importantly, Sunday's Meet The Press interview with David Gregory, he seems like the most reasonable Republican, and obviously intelligent.

He's the ideal Republican.

He's reasonable, he focused on the areas in which he could reason with the President, such as aiding the many immigrants who are already in the midst. Additionally, he suggested getting aid to the poor "without jobs and with jobs".

Instead of preaching the usual Republican, "Dey Took Er Jobs!" Eric Cantor, seemed rather composed and intelligent as he spoke of The Future of the GOP...

I wonder if Cantor will consider running ever. He's got a pretty amazing Souther Drawl, too.


He opposes public funding of embryonic stem cell research. He once called it a distraction from the economy.

He opposes gay marriage.

Do I need anything else? Go to this site. Eric Cantor has an OBSCENE voting record.

He's got an amazing jaw line, I admit. He's a Southern Stallion. But he's... well, wrong on a lot of issues.

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