Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christopher Dorner - A Lesson In Narcissism

Christopher Dorner killed three people in Los Angeles: 

Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence were killed by Dorner
I read the first few paragraphs of Dorner's manifesto, and while I was somewhat touched by the hardships of a young black man growing up in a racist world where he belongs to the "less than 1%", I was not swayed in Dorner's favor.

Christopher Dorner is the 'N' word, but not the one he mentions having heard in a van ride with his fellow officers. Dorner is a Narcissist.

I know the attitude quite well, as a matter of fact. It's an utter lack of humility, an attitude that you are more important than the millions of others around you. It leads people to lose their jobs, it creates a lack of contentment, as the person is always thinking he (or she) is being wronged somehow, the Narcissist always mouthing off reasons as to why things are not right, and they are not to blame.

The fact is, this "folk hero" as the media is reporting he is being called, shot and killed an Interracial couple while they sat in their car. 

Don't forget that.
Michael Crain was one of Dorner's victims

Christopher Dorner has an excuse for everything. In my opinion, having a job requires a level of humility that enables you to "turn the other cheek", a lesson that Dorner failed all the way back in grammar school, and continued to fail throughout his life.

The fact that on the day his principal struck him, and told him to turn the other cheek, that Christopher Dorner took that as his calling card to stand up to all injustice, is a sign that this is a man not fit to live among humans. In fact, he is a terrorist, in every sense of the word. Terrorizing Los Angeles, and terrorizing the media with an abundance of haunting, yet necessary coverage.

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