Friday, February 8, 2013

Democrats Will Take Back The House

I was very struck by the confidence with which President Obama's campaign strategists spoke about their certainty over the 2012 election. They seemed to have pinpointed down the margins nationwide, and claimed to have never lost assuredness in an Obama victory.

I shared that assuredness with Obama's pollsters, and I share that sentiment now with Obama assuring the house democrats at their retreat in Virginia, that Nancy Pelosi will be speaker again really soon.

The Republican party has had their foundation ripped out from under them. The "Grand Ole Party" is no longer representative of the majority in this country, and that's only becoming more apparent.

When your candidate received a 0% in a poll of African Americans, you know you have an issue. Whether that's a policy issue or a messaging issue, the two aren't mutually exclusive. The party principals held by Republicans are outmoded, outdated, non-sense.

The lack of morality in the language on homosexuals, Women, African-Americans, Latinos and guns is nothing short of astounding. It's incredulous that there would exist such a brotherhood of idiots, for lack of a better term, with any amount of power at all.

A new party must emerge in place of The GOP, one which represents the true, leftists to the moderates in this country. Perhaps there are greater issues than same-sex marriage and gun control really present in society, and perhaps taking on these under heard populations, which I would argue, consist of a lot of disgruntled 20 somethings with no jobs, or jobs they hate, would have a positive impact on the country.

When are we going to mobilize the entire generation of educated people who have the know-how and the accessibility. Welfare sustains, it does not improve. We must teach the youth to take risks. To write blogs. To be bold. As much as it's easy to claim that 20-somethings today are all these things, for every one of the bold and brave, there are a dozen others dwindling at home with their parents, depressed, and massively in debt.

Why are we handing debt to people with NO JOBS! A massive duh. Massive.

What will the next generation, the 20-somethings going on 30-somethings bring to the table? When are we going to see a shining example of the new transparent citizen in office? Maybe a better question, when are we going to see the shining examples of amoral sloths get the boot?

The Time Is Now

It's time to talk about Climate change. It's time to talk about healthcare in a practical way. It's time to talk about the fact that immigrants make up too large a population to be simply deported. These are self-evident truths that seem to be ignored in D.C. Constantly, and utterly, ignored.

I'm glad Obama said what he said about Nancy Pelosi. I like Nancy Pelosi. The reason I ever had a bad connotation associated with Pelosi is from Michael Steel "Fire Pelosi" campaign of the 2010 mid-terms.
(Thought I will say, I do like Michael Steele quite a bit now.)

I like to come off as balanced. Balanced in the sense that I can relate to both sides of an issue. To all sides of an issue. This is called compassion. Perhaps it's simply compassion our Republican brother's and sisters lack. See: ALL OF THEM!

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